Author Name Published
When Aaron moved in with his Uncle Butch.
19-9-29 下午7:14
Drake Nightstorm
Henry sent his gay son to straight camp to get him “fixed”. He wasn’t about to have a gay son and straight camp seemed like the perfect solution to that “problem”. The only problem was that Henry’s son Colin learned more than how to be straight at camp.
19-9-29 下午5:00
The Dirty Spiders
Stories from my early days on Tumblr before their porn ban. Some if these are more abstract then pornographic.
19-9-29 下午3:17
Henry gets his hands on an experimental beam that makes everything it hits fuck him without noticing.
19-9-29 上午12:53
Officer Randy Wilson is about to have his life turned upside down with a call to break up a crazy party. Say goodbye to the badge but don't worry, he'll keep the handcuffs. ;-)
19-9-29 上午12:48
A college student undergoes a mysterious transformation at the hands of an older man. Now he feels differently about hairy men.
19-9-28 下午7:55
Nicky Noxville
Dustin has a really bad gag reflex, but his new dentist has a toothpaste that can help with that.
19-9-28 上午7:27
The Dirty Spiders
Human meets new Alien who's still naive to human gender
19-9-28 上午7:24
Ethan White
Corey Cooper is the 4.0 GPA star quarterback of Selene City University by day. By night, he is the superhero Tempest, one of the Hall of Heroes' finest, and protector of his city. He is a veritable golden boy, but he has a dark secret: he fantasizes about being enslaved by the most notorious supervillain still around.
19-9-28 上午6:26

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Mind control

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Keith's a pretty shy guy, but he still wants the same things as everyone else
18-11-28 上午11:36


One of the best written stories in the 2nd half of 2018
Author Name Published
Two friends since high school enter the Labyrinth, an attraction at their vacation resort, unknowing just how each of the 7 floors of the labyrinth would change their friendship and lives forever. On floor 1, the two friends begin to notice subtle changes in one another.
18-12-27 下午10:23


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A guy claims he knows what he likes from dating apps, but that may change!
17-3-13 下午11:26
Viking Zombie Boyfriend
Errol's boyfriend will do whatever it takes to save their relationship, no matter the cost... to Errol.
16-12-29 下午4:36
Two budding archaeologists discover an ancient temple during Spring Break and are changed forever.
17-4-30 下午8:41
Anonymous, NRG and the wiki
The army has developed a new kind of gas warfare
13-11-15 下午7:00
Three friends have an experience on holiday in Tel Aviv that will never leave them...
17-8-1 下午11:28
Arrogante Zwillinge werden erzogen
11-5-3 下午8:00
A young skinhead park cleaner , tricks a leather biker and steals his life
09-12-31 下午7:00
the impaler001 06-12-30 下午7:00
the impaler001 07-1-4 下午7:00